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Monster Hunter Mod 1.6.4


Monster Hunter Mod or you can called Monster Hunter Frontier Craft is a mod that adds a new dimension with some new blocks,items , weapons , ores, armors and most of all mobs that has different variations of attacks and uniqueness. This mod is inspired from a popular game of Capcom Monster Hunter Frontier. This can be played through Singleplayer and also Multiplayer.

Monster Hunter Mod Features

In The Wyvernia there is a typically resistance on everyone it is far different than the Minecraft.

The Sword Damage Type :

Lethal : This are the main swords made with sharpness specifically LongSwords,Dual Swords and The Vanilla Swords .


Monster Hunter Mod 1.6.4

Semi – Lethal : Weapons like GreatSword and Lance are bound to this class . They are sharp but not high as the Lethal. Since they are heavy they give a little fatigue to player

Siege : They are Hunting Horns and Hammer , and soon to be with Switch Axe , they are stun pounding and they give really deep exhaustion to player on attack . But deals massive damage.

Point : This is the upcoming ones for the types of Bowgun , Bows , and some Gunlance

Monster Hunter Mod Changelogs

  • Added Basarios
  • Added Velociprey
  • “Wide Desert”
    – now is flattened , no more sand mountains ” – well i kinda getting a good view with a battle on cephadrome on this
  • “Cephadrome”
    – not attacking is now fix
  • “Cephalos”
    – new texture ” – more sandy mandy – SK

How to Install Monster Hunter Mod

  1. Back up your saves!
  2. Download Minecraft Forge Installer
  3. Download this Monster Hunter Mod
  4. Find your Minecraft mods folder (usually C:/Users/”user”/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods)
  5. Copy the downloaded zip file into that folder.
  6. Enjoy

Credit to Heltrato for makes this Monster Hunter Mod

Download Monster Hunter Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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